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:: DD Licence Plates ::

DD Group, with its vast experience of 56 years in the manufacturing sector, ventured into the manufacturing of High Security Registration Plates in the year 2003.

DDLP has the Type Approval for the High Security Registration Plates from the Automotive Research Association of India – ARAI and the Quality Management System – ISO 9001-2000 accreditation from Moody International Certification Ltd.

Understanding about implementing the concept of HSRP, supported with the experience in distribution and marketing in the automobile sector and awareness of the operations of STATE TRANSPORT AUTHORITIES for registration and vehicle approvals, makes DDLP one of the most eligible players in this field.

The products supplied will be a combination of innovative technology with low operating costs developed in- house, and supported with international parts manufactured under the strict quality control of our engineers of the manufacturing facility.


• Aluminium Alloy (EN AW-1200A) which conforms to EN 485.2 (1984) and EN 573.3 (1994
• Reflective sheeting: white sheet for Passenger vehicles, and yellow for commercial vehicles.
• IND (embedded) hot stamped in blue color on the reflective sheet.
• Sequentially etched 9 digit Laser code for identification of platesDD Licence Plates
• Hot Stamping foils with INDIA scripted.
• Special chromium based hologram for the authentication.
• Using snap locks for tamper proof mounting.
• Self-destructive hologram sticker, (referred to as the third license plate), for fixing on the windshield of the vehicle. It contains vehicle related information such as the vehicle’s registration number, engine number, name of the registering authority and unique 9 digit serial code for identification.