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:: DD Industries Limited::

PRODUCTS : Propeller Shafts and Components
Division : Auto Components


This division established in 1951 is an ISO 9001-2000 accredited Company. It is engaged in the manufacturing of Propeller Shafts and its Components, which are being exported as well as being used by various OEMs like Escorts, V.S.T, Wipro and SS Power.

This division produces a wide range of Auto Components catering to the domestic as well as international market and is today the largest manufacturer of the said Components in India.

The Company has built a strong relationship with its dealers over a period of 5 decades and has gained an edge over the competitors by following a consistent Sales Policy.

The dealer network comprising of 900 direct dealers across the country with its marketing offices located strategically all over India is in fact the strongest with the presence of its products even in the remotest of towns spread across the breadth and length of India.
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