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:: DD Group Companies ::

DD Industries LimitedFlagship Company of DD Group is presently one of the largest Manufacturers of Propeller shafts, its components and UJ Crosses in India. It has the impressive network of 900 dealers spread across every nook and corner of the country.


DD Fuel SolutionsDD FUEL SOLUTIONS are the pioneers in the field of retrofitting in-use diesel vehicles into dedicated CNG mode. It is a company offering solutions for converting petrol and in-use diesel vehicles into CNG/LPG mode from 50cc to 15000 cc.


DD Licence PlatesDD LICENSE PLATES manufacturers of High Security Registration Plates of Type Approval from ARAI, Pune and ISO 9001-2000 accreditation by Moody International Certification Ltd.


DD Paradise CityDD Township Limited,a company floated for undertaking the DD City Projects throughout the country. Incorporated on 11th Nov’ 05 for real estate development.